FAIL SAFE Safety Levers


Maynard Arms Co is now offering FAIL SAFE Safety Levers and Hold Open Assemblies, as they were originally designed for the AUTOMAG pistol. Before the infamous #30 clip was used to secure the Safety Lever and Hold Open, the original design incorporated the use of a small #2-56 Button Head Cap Screw for both. Most are not aware of this fact.

Fail safe

Fail safe

Modification to your existing parts are only $35.00/ea or $60.00/set. This price includes the #2-56 Stainless Steel Button Head Cap Screw for each. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We do have a safety lever on the shelf, ready to go, for trade @ the same price.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery in the United States. For delivery outside the US, please email us with your address information, etc. so we may calculate shipping costs. Please be sure to specify the product you are ordering.

One Fail Safe ($35 + $6)

Fail safe set ($60 + $6)

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